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In-stream Volunteer Events - 2023

WHAT TO BRING to in-stream work nights: Waders or Shoes you can get wet, bug spray, work gloves and water. These events are rain or shine, please dress appropriately.

2023 Spring Tree Planting - Horner Creek, Oxford County

Spring planting was a great success! Thank you to our volunteers.

Horner Creek is one of the tributaries to Whitemans Creek, a beautiful cold water system that runs into the Grand River. This spring, we planted almost 800 potted and bareroot trees to help increase the natural cover along these headwaters which will improve the riparian areas. Over the years, our efforts will shade the creek, keep the water temperatures cool, stabilizing the banks and provide wildlife habitat. 


Our numbers may be small by our forces in volunteers and Executives Members are great! Our Chapter is fortunate to have some very enthusiastic, well educated, experienced and well known members of the community. Everyone who joins our work days has made a great contribution in the success of our projects and data collection.

We cannot thank you enough for donating your time (and sweat)!


In the spring we plant seedlings and young saplings along stream banks to help increase shade, slow down water runoff and improve vegetative cover.

Fish Habitat Creations

Using natural cedar materials and anchors, we build structures that fish species can seek refuge under. 


By installing several water temperature data loggers we monitor stream temperatures throughout the year. This helps assess how our projects are helping reduce water temperatures. 

We monitor fish community composition by doing electrofishing surveys and looking for evidence of spawning beds (aka a Redd, or trout spawning bed).

Stream Cleanup

Picking up garbage and excess woody debris build up from storms helps improve stream flow and clean our streams and rivers.

Fish Barrier Removals

By removing log jams, excess beaver dams and water control structures we remove barriers that otherwise impede fish passage.

Stream bank Deflectors

By installing natural materials and securing them to the stream bank, we help restore a healthy stream flow, reduce bank erosion and reduce silt build up on the channel bed.

Stream Cleanup

Picking up garbage and excess woody debris build up from storms helps improve stream flow and clean our streams and rivers.

Educational Events

Our community is full of enthusiastic nature lovers of all ages. Our Executive Members attend workshops, meetings, and host events for those interested in learning more about the Middle Grand River, its tributaries, and all of their glory!

Kids playing with crayfish
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